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    Vietnam news | 5 hours ago
    Hải Phòng food tour, an experience to tickle your taste buds

    Not only does it offer fresh and delicious food at reasonable prices, but it also showcases cuisine with unique cultural characteristics.

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    Vietnam news | 12/10/2023 15:02
    Asia TV Forum & Market opens opportunities for many enterprises

    Asia TV Forum & Market (ATF) is an event of the Singapore Media Festival (SMF), hosted by Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA). This year marks the 10th edition of the Singapore Media Festival, rallying Asia’s most passionate media professionals, industry leaders, talent and content creators to “Make It Here”!

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    Vietnam news | 12/09/2023 22:46
    BridgeFest Music Festival moves to HCM City

    The annual BridgeFest Music Festival was held on Nguyễn Huệ Street in HCM City on Saturday night, attracting thousands of people.

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    Vietnam news | 12/09/2023 17:13
    NA leader launches Vietnam Town in Thai province

     National Assembly Chairman Vương Đình Huệ described the opening of the Vietnam Town as a new imprint of Việt Nam in Thailand.

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    Vietnam news | 12/09/2023 11:57
    Saigon Urban Street Fest brings street art to city downtown

    German and Vietnamese artists are dazzling residents and tourists in HCM City with dozens of performances at the Saigon Urban Street Fest taking place in front of the Post Office until December 10.

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    Vietnam news | 12/09/2023 09:44
    HCM City introduces night tour to attract tourists

    Domestic and international tourists are being drawn to downtown areas of District 1 in HCM City for night tours as part of HCM City Tourism Week.

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    Vietnam news | 12/08/2023 18:50
    The sweetest of treats

    Palm sugar is one of the specialties that tourists visiting An Giang province must try. This sweet treat is made by Khmer people has a delicate taste. However, not everyone knows the complicated process needed to produce palm sugar.

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    Vietnam news | 12/08/2023 17:58
    Ok Om Bok Festival attracts tourists

    Ok Om Bok is an important cultural festival for the Khmer people held on the full moon day of the 10th lunar month every year. In Tra Vinh Province it is considered a tourism magnet, filled with plenty of fun and exciting festivities.

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    Vietnam news | 12/08/2023 17:46
    Weather-adaptive Tân Hoa Tourism Village

    Quảng Bình Provinces Tân Hoa Tourism Village was recently recognised as the world’s best tourism village by the World Tourism Organisation, thanks to its weather-adaptive tourism model to make up for its seasonal flooding. Local tourism businesses are very proud of this accomplishment and seek to improve their services even further.

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    Vietnam news | 12/08/2023 17:41
    Man of tradition

    Each ethnic culture contributes to enriching the traditional features of Vietnam. In Áng village, Mộc Châu district, Sơn La, one man tirelessly strives to promote and preserve the culture of the Thai people in his community

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    Vietnam news | 12/08/2023 11:07
    Prominent artist begins series of exhibitions

    Most of the thirty-five large paintings are surreal art made in 2023, a few were completed three years ago. The paintings feature bright and fresh colours, and the two largest, Hoa Trời (Sky Flower) and Thung Lũng Tình Yêu (Valley of Love), are 120cm by 240cm.

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    Vietnam news | 12/08/2023 10:11
    Launching a collection of 99 songs by musician Quốc Phòng

    Throughout his artistic journey, Quốc Phòng has been honoured with 18 awards from the Việt Nam Musicians Association, as well as recognition from various central and local agencies.

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    Vietnam news | 12/08/2023 10:00
    Exploring Đồ Sơn coastal roads

    Đồ Sơn boasts several long, breezy coastal roads that encircle the entire peninsula.

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    Vietnam news | 12/08/2023 07:18
    Historical play to open on People’s Army Day

    Artists from the Trần Hữu Trang Cải Lương Theatre are working on a new version about history and soldiers to celebrate Việt Nam People’s Army Day on December 22.

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    Vietnam news | 12/07/2023 18:44
    Milk Tea In Clay Pots

    Originating from China's Yunnan province, milk tea mixed with herbs and boiled in a terracotta pot is the latest fashion fad among young people! The purity of the tea and its eye-catching appearance promise to be a trendy drink this winter, and a great social media photo! Have you tried it yet?

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    Vietnam news | 12/07/2023 18:28
    Making a traditional beauty

    30km from the centre of Hanoi is a village where every resident, young and old, knows how to make conical hats. To revive the traditional craft, which once was the main source of revenue for the people of Chuong village for hundreds of years, the local government and artisans here are trying to make it a tourist spot. Let’s visit the village to learn about the process of making the iconic headwear of Vietnam.

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    Vietnam news | 12/07/2023 17:08
    Hải Phòng to become golf tourism destination in Việt Nam

    The city is home to beautiful natural landscapes and tropical climate, unique and delicious cuisine, as well as rich cultural aspects, which allow golf tourists and international tournaments to operate all year round.

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    Vietnam news | 12/07/2023 17:03
    Preserving ancient village values in modern life

    Cựu is a 500-year-old ancient village located about 40km from the city centre. Through the ups and downs of history, this village still retains its distinctive traditional features, making it not only a precious cultural, historical and artistic museum, but also a potential tourist destination.

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    Vietnam news | 12/07/2023 16:50
    Milk tea in clay pots

    Originating from China's Yunnan province, milk tea mixed with herbs and boiled in a terracotta pot is the latest fashion fad among young people! The purity of the tea and its eye-catching appearance promise to be a trendy drink this winter, and a great social media photo! Have you tried it yet?

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    Vietnam news | 12/07/2023 10:55
    Hải Phòng connects tourism with three Central Highlands provinces

    Hải Phòng City stands out due to its exceptional eco-tourism and island tourism offerings.

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