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    Vietnam news | 11/22/2023 17:21
    Restaurant serves diners with train models

    The Train Restaurant in HCM City's District 7 is fun for the whole family, because here diners are served dishes on model trains! Nguyễn Thị Thêu opened this business after visiting a similar restaurant in the Czech Republic, and wanted to bring this model back to Việt Nam.

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    Vietnam news | 11/22/2023 16:27
    On the creative track

    Hà Nội Creative Design Festival 2023 is currently taking place with over 60 events spanning 17 districts. Take a special train to the old Gia Lâm train factory to get a peek into the dynamic and innovative creations, blending tradition with the modern and fostering a vibrant creative community in Hà Nội.

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    Vietnam news | 11/22/2023 16:19
    Trendy photos

    The 'Leninn' graffiti wall has recently gained fame as a popular check-in location for young people in the capital. However many controversies revolve around the wall about the origin of the trend.

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    Vietnam news | 11/22/2023 11:31
    Top contenders compete at national film festival

    The movies are made by both State-owned and private studios, and include international-award winners and the current highest-grossing movies. 

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    Vietnam news | 11/21/2023 17:18
    Royal seal of approval

    Take a step back in time at the National Archives Centre in Hà Nội where a new exhibition has opened featuring important documents from the Nguyễn Dynasty. The display utilises modern technology to allow visitors to interact and learn at the same time.

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    Vietnam news | 11/21/2023 08:23
    Snail delicacies make Hà Nội unforgettable

    There are many ways to prepare chả ốc, like steamed with lemongrass, wrapped in betel leaves, fried, or steamed in bamboo tubes.

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    Vietnam news | 11/20/2023 16:47
    Vietnamese TikToker might be banned from entering Cambodia

    A Vietnamese TikToker might be banned from entering Cambodia for up to 10 years following a video he posted that depicted Angkor Wat temple in a negative light.

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    Vietnam news | 11/20/2023 10:52
    Hanoi Culture and Food Festival 2023 to take place next month

    Festival goers will also have a chance to take part in folk games, cultural, art and food exchanges; and seminars on human resources development to facilitate the food industry.

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    Vietnam news | 11/20/2023 10:46
    Bắc Giang's district popularises dance clubs

    Every day at 8pm, at the sports ground of the People's Committee of Giáp Sơn Commune, senior women eagerly practise dancing. When the music begins, everyone gets ready and starts the first dance.

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    Vietnam news | 11/20/2023 09:50
    Collaborating for a future with effective antimicrobial treatments

    When seeking healthcare, go to a clinic that has good clinical and laboratory capacity. Don’t self-medicate with antibiotics. Think twice. Seek advice. Antibiotics aren't always the answer. Antimicrobial Resistance: no action today equals no cure tomorrow.

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    Vietnam news | 11/19/2023 18:13
    Bắc Giang historical festival recognised as national heritage

    The festival is a traditional historical and cultural event held annually in Bắc Giang City in the early spring, on January 6 and 7 of the lunar calendar, to commemorate the historical victory of Chi Lăng - Xương Giang in 1427.

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    Vietnam news | 11/19/2023 17:11
    Art exhibition showcases reversals of conventional perceptions in painting

    An art exhibition themed "Going Against the Flow" by Artist Nguyễn Ngọc Đan was launched on November 18 at the HCM City Fine Arts Museum.

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    Vietnam news | 11/19/2023 10:59
    Enhancing Vietnamese cuisine

    When it comes to food, you really can’t beat Việt Nam as the perfect destination. Now the tourism industry wants to build on our amazing culinary delights to attract more ‘foodie’ visitors to our shores.

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    Vietnam news | 11/19/2023 10:53
    Lotus-themed tourism

    Lotus flowers are so much more than just a pretty sight on our lakes. They have so many different uses like tea, healthy drinks, and they are even used to make conical hats and art! Now authorities in Ninh Bình want to use the flower to encourage more eco-friendly tourists to visit the province.

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    Vietnam news | 11/18/2023 12:00
    Art exhibition showcasing traditional folk materials opens in HCM City

    A two-day art exhibition named “Đan Sắc” opens in HCM City on Saturday, showcasing the fusion of traditional folk materials and narratives of personal identity.

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    Vietnam news | 11/17/2023 17:01
    Heritage for development

    Cultural heritage is a natural resource, inspiration, and subject for the cultural industry. These resources should be tapped to boost tourism and make a bigger contribution to socio-economic development.

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    Vietnam news | 11/17/2023 17:00
    INCHAM to host Diwali Night

    Many symbolic activities of Indian culture, Indian and international cuisine, musical performances, Indian state dance performances, henna artists and face painting will be featured at the event.

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    Vietnam news | 11/17/2023 16:16
    TV show features cải lương stars

    Dozens of veteran artists and young talents in cải lương (reformed opera), the 100-year-old gerne of Vietnamese theatre, are performing on a TV programme on Long An Radio & Television.

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    Vietnam news | 11/17/2023 11:35
    Quảng Ninh festival recognised as national heritage

    The festival is a traditional event held annually in Vạn Ninh Commune, Móng Cái City on January 9 and 10 on the lunar calendar, including a series of ceremonial spiritual practices and cultural festivities.

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    Vietnam news | 11/17/2023 10:01
    Last Nguyễn Kings' documents to be displayed in Hà Nội

    The documents were officially recognised by UNESCO as one of 78 world documentary heritages in 2017. They are administrative documents issued by the Nguyễn Dynasty, the last feudal system in Việt Nam and the region.

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