Introduction to Products and Services

The Vietnam News Agency (VNA) offers on its website http:// constantly updated news and photos on domestic and international socio-economic affairs, culture, science and technology in five languages: Vietnamese, English, French, Spanish and Chinese.
The website aims to become an online multimedia portal covering general news, reference news, photos as well as audio and video news.


- The Domestic News column is updated round-the-clock with reports filed by VNA correspondents based in 63 provinces and cities nationwide covering political-internal issues, foreign affairs, new policies-regulations, cultural-educational-healthcare issues, sports, social issues, industry-trade, science-technology-environment, market-prices, investment-construction-transportation information

- The World News column provides latest information on developments in all fields around the world across politics, economics, culture, society and science-technology as reported by the VNA’s 30 overseas bureaus.

- The World Economic News and Special Economy Issues column give readers both an overview and an insight of the Vietnamese and international economy through analyses, commentaries, forecasts and reviews by experts on the business climate; financial market, currency, price, export-import markets as well as economic management issues in Vietnam and around the world.

- News in foreign languages with VNA News and Vietnam Law & Legal Forum Magazine in English, Nouvelles AVI in French, Noticias De AVN in Spanish, and news in Chinese.

- Domestic News in Photos, Thematic Photos report the Party and State’s policy, politics-economics-society events, as well as the country, its history, culture and people.

- International News in Photos covers photos selected from those provided by foreign news agencies such as AFP, Xinhua and Kyodo under their cooperation agreements with the VNA. The photos come with Vietnamese captions. In addition, photos sent by the VNA’s foreign-based correspondents are also carried in this column.

- News in Photos in English: The photos come with English captions, reflecting outstanding domestic affairs in politics, society, culture and sports.

- Vietnam Pictorial is available in eight languages: Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian, English, French, Spanish, Japanese and Lao.

- Audio, TV news transmit and receive FTP data through the internet.

- Express News: brief but concise information on world developments is updated around the clock.

World Reference News: analyses, commentaries, reviews by experts looking from different angles on world events

- Special Reference Documents: Analyses and commentaries on world events of interest and feature stories on certain issues and regions

- World Opinion about Vietnam: Assessments by foreign politicians, scholars and world press about Vietnam, which are collected from different sources, including reports by the VNA’s correspondents in 30 bureaus across the world, providing readers with multiple views on an issue of politics, economics, culture, and society.

- Economic Reference News: in-depth analyses of policies and development prospects of sectors such as industry and agriculture, the lessons drawn from bankruptcies of companies and inappropriate policies, with a focus on macro-economic and financial issues.

- Graphic News: provides information on current affairs at home and abroad, from politics, economics, security and military to culture, society, sports and natural disasters. Graphic News shares up-to-date information as events unfold.

- Photo-News Product: provides readers with both news and photos of important events.

* Alongside current events, the VNA also provides summary, commentary, and thematic articles demanded by agencies, research institutes, and schools.

2. Search Support:

An effective search engine enables subscribers to get the most information in the shortest possible log-in time and download many news stories with just one click. Information can be searched by date, topic or keyword while photos can be searched only by keywords in their captions.

3. Subscription:

Readers can subscribe to one or many categories of news and photos. Subscribers can access only those categories that they have subscribed to and are obliged to pay for the information and photos downloaded at their request. Payment can be made either in accordance with the amount of downloaded information or a monthly subscription fee regardless of the volume of downloaded information and photos.

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