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Number of news Title Issued date
LAW0811.6064 Law on Irrigation 08/11/2017 09:50:45
LAW0712.5646 Revised Law on State Budget 07/12/2016 17:24:37
LAW2708.4890 King-plowed land and agricultural production under the Ly Dynasty 27/08/2015 15:40:24
LAW0401.909 DECREE No. 219/2013/ND-CP OF DECEMBER 26, 2013: On management of enterprises’ borrowing of foreign loans and payment of foreign debts without government guarantee 01/04/2014 09:46:18
LAW0211.858 DECISION No. 72/2013/QD-TTg OF NOVEMBER 26, 2013: Prescribing mechanisms and financial policies applicable to border-gate economic zones 11/02/2014 10:34:10
LAW1219.787 DECREE NO. 164/2013/ND-CP OF NOVEMBER 12, 2013: Amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Government’s Decree No. 29/2008/ND-CP of March 14, 2008, on industrial parks, export-processing zones and economic zones 19/12/2013 16:31:19
LAW1031.754 RESOLUTION No. 103/NQ-CP OF AUGUST 29, 2013: On orientations for higher efficiency of foreign direct investment attraction, use and management in the coming period 31/10/2013 16:45:49
LAW1001.713 CIRCULAR No. 10/2013/TT-BLDTBXH OF JUNE 10, 2013: Promulgating the lists of jobs and workplaces in which the employment of minor persons is prohibited 01/10/2013 10:56:34
LAW0903.676 CIRCULAR No. 86/2013/TT-BTC OF JUNE 27, 2013: Providing the application of the priority regime in the state management of customs to eligible businesses 03/09/2013 15:12:19
LAW0730.631 DECREE No. 53/2013/ND-CP OF MAY 18, 2013: On the establishment, organization and operation of the Asset Management Company for Vietnamese credit institutions 30/07/2013 15:37:50
LAW0627.574 DECREE No. 30/2013/ND-CP OF APRIL 8, 2013: On air transportation business and general aviation 27/06/2013 10:05:49
LAW0527.527 CIRCULAR No. 689/QD-TTg OF FEBRUARY 18, 2013: Providing temporary import for re-export of a number of goods 27/05/2013 11:30:41
LAW0426.478 CIRCULAR No. 05/2013/TT-BTC OF JANUARY 9, 2013: Guiding the financial regime applicable to credit institutions and foreign bank branches 26/04/2013 17:24:40
LAW0329.435 CIRCULAR No. 39/2012/TT-BCT OF DECEMBER 20, 2012: Detailing a number of articles of the Government’s Decree No. 94/2012/ND-CP of November 12, 2012, on liquor production and trading 29/03/2013 15:15:22
LAW1228.338 DECREE No. 79/2012/ND-CP OF OCTOBER 5, 2012: On art performances, fashion shows; beauty and model contests; and circulation and trading of audio and visual recordings of song, dance, musical and theatrical performances 28/12/2012 09:36:08
LAW1129.316 CIRCULAR No. 140/2012/TT-BTC OF AUGUST 21, 2012: On tax policies to remove difficulties for organizations and individuals 29/11/2012 15:41:33
LAW1029.246 LAW No. 14/2012/QH13 OF JUNE 20, 2012: Law on Dissemination and Education 29/10/2012 15:19:13
LAW0928.209 DECREE No. 57/2012/ND-CP OF JULY 20, 2012: On the financial regime applicable to credit institutions and foreign bank branches 28/09/2012 10:01:01
LAW0827.163 DECISION No. 711/QD-TTg OF JUNE 13, 2012: Approving the 2011-2020 education development strategy 27/08/2012 17:13:50