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    Vietnam Law | 02/19/2024 09:06
    Quilted jacket collection - Contemporary touch on tradition

    With a desire to provide a deeper insight into one of Hanoi’s heritage, designer Trinh Bich Thuy has introduced a collection entitled “Nine Layers of Clouds” at Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam (the Temple of Literature) in Vietnam’s capital, featuring creations that blend traditional culture with contemporary and sustainable fashion designs.

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    Vietnam Law | 02/18/2024 16:05
    New policies related to road tolls

    Effective from the beginning of February, Decree 90/2023/ND-CP provides regulations concerning the rates, collection, remittance, exemption, management and use of road tolls.

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    Vietnam Law | 02/18/2024 11:00
    Thung Nai - A highlight of Hoa Binh Lake tourist site

    Often referred to as “Ha Long Bay on Land,” the Hoa Binh Lake Tourist Area boasts a range of captivating attractions. With 47 islands, it offers fresh air, natural landscapes, and unique national cultural treasures that lure both domestic and international tourists. Join us to visit Thung Nai, a highlight of the Hoa Binh Lake Tourist Area.

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    Vietnam Law | 02/17/2024 18:55
    MOT to raise ceiling airfares next month

    From the beginning of March, the ceiling price for tickets on domestic flight routes will be increased, according to Circular 34 recently issued by the Ministry of Transport.

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    Vietnam Law | 02/17/2024 10:53
    Tet paintings: A time-honored tradition of Vietnamese people

    Hanging paintings to decorate the home has become a cherished tradition during the Lunar New Year (Tet), the biggest national holiday in Vietnam. Dong Ho folk paintings, with their vibrant colors, diverse genres, and messages of prosperity, are often the top choice for Tet decorations.

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    Vietnam Law | 02/14/2024 09:17
    National Strategy for people’s health protection approved

    The Prime Minister has recently approved the National Strategy for protection, care and improvement of the people’s health through 2030, with a vision toward 2045, setting the target that all citizens will have access to quality healthcare services.

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    Vietnam Law | 02/14/2024 08:59
    Particular regulations related to teachers brought into law

    From July 2025, teachers who fully meet professional criteria would be granted a professional certificate, according to a draft Law on Teachers proposed by the Ministry of Education and Training.

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    Vietnam Law | 02/13/2024 11:00
    Protection of trade secrets in Vietnam

    In the context of businesses racing in research and development activities, the requirement for intellectual property (IP) protection is more important than ever. This article focuses on analyzing some advantages and drawbacks for companies when choosing to protect an invention as a trade secret.

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    Vietnam Law | 02/11/2024 08:00
    School bus services: safety first

    The Ministry of Transport has recently released a draft national technical regulation on technical safety quality and environmental protection applicable to automobiles with specific and strict safety requirements on vehicles used to transport schoolchildren.

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    Vietnam Law | 02/11/2024 07:00
    New Law on Bidding

    Composed of 96 articles arranged in 10 chapters, the 2023 Law on Bidding regulates the state management of bidding activities; competence and responsibility of agencies, organizations and individuals in bidding activities; and selection of contractors to implement bidding packages and selection of investors to implement business investment projects.

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    Vietnam Law | 02/10/2024 15:09
    Phu My villagers preserve traditional bamboo basket boat weaving craft

    Phu My, a small village in An Dan commune, Tuy Hoa district of Phu Yen, neither lies near the coast nor is a fishing village but its products - bamboo basket boats can be seen everywhere in the South Central Coast.

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    Vietnam Law | 02/09/2024 11:59
    Unique dragon motif on brown-patterned ceramics

    In an effort to revive the thousand-year heritage of brown-patterned ceramics in Vietnam while creating unique gift sets, the “Thousand Years of Vietnamese Ceramics” Centre has introduced two collections consisting of 130 ceramic works featuring Vietnamese dragon sculptures.

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    Vietnam Law | 02/09/2024 11:46
    Investment incentive policies should be reformed: MPI

    Vietnam should consider reforming the investment incentive framework, introducing diverse and flexible investment policies to retain strategic investors and attract satellite businesses, thus building an independent, self-reliant economy with inclusive and sustainable development.

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    Vietnam Law | 02/09/2024 10:30
    “Tat nien” – a farewell to old year

    “Tat nien” is a traditional practice of Vietnamese people in the last day of a lunar year, during which Vietnamese families gather for a meal, look back on the past year and get themselves ready for a new year.

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    Vietnam Law | 02/09/2024 08:30
    Signature ornamental trees, flowers for traditional Lunar New Year

    Signature flowers and ornamental trees for the traditional Lunar New Year not only make the home more beautiful, but also bring luck, peace, and fortune to the family.

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    Vietnam Law | 02/08/2024 12:49
    Tet markets – where the soul of countryside is found

    Markets form a unique feature of every rural area whenever the Lunar New Year (Tet) approaches as they carry traditional cultural values and are deeply imbued with the soul of the Vietnamese countryside.

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    Vietnam Law | 02/08/2024 12:44
    Significance of Lunar New Year Holiday

    The Lunar New Year (Tet) holiday is not only a time for people to relax after a busy year but also an occasion for family members to reunite and commemorate their ancestors.

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    Vietnam Law | 02/08/2024 10:57
    Arranging five-fruit tray during Lunar New Year celebration – a Vietnamese tradition

    Arranging a five-fruit tray during the Lunar New Year celebration is a long-standing tradition in Vietnam.

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    Vietnam Law | 02/07/2024 10:50
    Corporate, personal income tax exemption in HCM City approved

    The Government has recently approved special policies and mechanisms for corporate and personal income tax exemption in Ho Chi Minh City.

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    Vietnam Law | 02/06/2024 08:00
    Management boards authorized to perform state management of labor in industrial parks

    With a view to facilitating production and trade activities of enterprises in industrial parks and economic zones, the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs has recently allowed provincial-level People’s Committees to authorize industrial park management boards (IPMBs) to perform the state management of labor in these parks.

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