Trustworthy and strategic information centre of the Party and State


The Vietnam News Agency (VNA), a governmental agency, is the official State news provider of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

As the only news agency of the whole country, the State-run VNA is responsible for publishing official information and documents of the Party and State; providing information in service of the Party leadership and State management; and collecting and providing news through various forms to mass media agencies, the public,and readers of all kinds at home and abroad.

The VNA is a media complex consisting of 32 affiliates.They comprise news units providing source news for domestic and foreign media outlets. There are five editorial departments: the Domestic News Department, the World News Department, the News Department for Foreign Service, the Economic News Department and the Press Photography Department. There are two source news centres, the Vietnam News Agency Television Centre (VNews) and Database - Documentation Centre. The VNA also has various publication and press bodies,with 10 news sources: the News newspaper, the Sports & Culture newspaper, the Ethnic Minority and Mountainous Region pictorial, Science & Technology monthly magazine, Vietnam Plus e-newspaper, Vietnam Pictorial, Viet Nam News, Le Courrier du Vietnam, Vietnam Law & Legal Forum and Vietnam-Korea Times weekly. It also has a television channel; a publishing house; five news support centres; and two printing, trade and services companies.

Boasting a network of 63 representative offices in all cities and provinces nationwide, and 30 overseas representative offices across the five continents, the VNA has a strong contingent of reporters and editors working all over the country and in most of the key locations around the world, which is its unique advantage.

With more than 60 media products by around 1,200 reporters and editors out of its 2,500-strong staff, the VNA is now the media office with the largest number of products and forms in the country: bulletins, photos, television programmes, dailies, weeklies, monthlies, magazines, pictorials, books, a TV channel, infographics, audio programmes, e-newspapers, and information programmes on mobile platforms and social networks.

The agency also delivers news in the largest number of languages. In addition to official Vietnamese-language news provided for domestic and foreign media outlets, stories for foreign services are written in English, Chinese, French and Spanish – not to mention print and e-newspapers in eight other foreign languages, the four above plus Lao, Korean, Japanese and Russian. This is why the VNA is now regarded as the most important Vietnamese external news centre.

The VNA has also been tasked with publishing materials in 11 state-recognised ethnic minority languages in Vietnam.

The VNA maintains bilateral and multilateral partnerships with more than 40 international media organisations. It is a member of the Organisation of Asia-Pacific News Agencies (OANA), the Non-Aligned News Agencies Pool (NANAP), and the ASEAN News Exchange (ANEX).

Performing its function as the state news agency, the VNA supplies the latest official domestic and international news to major partners while satisfying demand for information through various means, including the leading print and e-newspapers, online news and the television channel VNews. The VNA retains its position as the mainstream information source, guiding public opinion and remaining the strategic and trustworthy information centre of the Party and State, contributing to national construction, development and defence.

VNA continues standing firm on the path to development

(Press and news publications of the VNA)

Upholding its pride worthy, historic tradition, the VNA has been constantly working toward becoming one of the most prestigious news agencies in the region. Under the model of a modern media syndicate, the VNA offers a diverse range of information in the three professional sections as follows:

I- Press information section (source news):

With the role of a “State news bank”, the VNA performs its function as the State news agency, and provides official and mainstream news for its partners at home and abroad through seven units with nearly 30 news products of the following kinds:

Domestic News Department World News Department News Department for Foreign Service Press Photography Department Economic News Department Vietnam News Agency Television Centre (VNews) Database - Documentation Centre

II- Internal News Section

As well as being the State news agency, the VNA possesses a press and publication section catering to readers in and out of the country with various units and more than 20 news products in the following forms:

Vnews channel News newspaper Sports & Culture paper Ethnic Minority and Mountainous Region pictorial Science & Technology monthly magazine Vietnam Plus e-newspaper Vietnam News Agency Publishing House

III- External News Section

As the country’s most important external news centre, along with providing source news for foreign media outlets, the VNA also has a number of units directly providing information to foreign leaders in various languages:

News Department for Foreign Service (acted as a news source and a wire news provider) Vietnam Pictorial Viet Nam News Le Courrier du Vietnam Vietnam Law & Legal Forum Vietnam-Korea Times weekly

The VNA operates efficiently thanks to active and proactive work from supporting units, including the following five centres:

VNA Technical Centre VNA Profession Training Centre VNA Media Development Centre VNA Informatics Centre VNA International Cooperation Centre The contributions of the following consultancy units are decisive in the success of the VNA as the national news agency:

Secretariat and Editorial Department Organisation and Human Resources Department Administrative Affairs Office Planning and Finance Department Inspection Department

The above-mentioned units, as well as VNA Representative Offices for the South and Central-Central Highlands regions, are core pieces that help ensure the smooth flow of information, while allowing the large-scale media complex to operate smoothly. This has helped the VNA build an advanced technological infrastructure with well-equipped facilities. The agency has also developed a team of journalists with firm political resolve, high professional proficiency, social responsibility and a professional work ethic.



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- Headquarters in Hanoi

Headquarters in HanoiAddress: 5 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi
Tel: 024.38252931
Fax: 024.38252984
- VNA representative office in the South
Address: 116-118 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: 028.39305921
Fax: 028.39303414
- VNA representative office in the Central-Central Highlands region
Address: 28 Lê Thánh Tông Street, 81 Quang Trung Street, Hai Chau district, Da Nang
Tel: 0236.3821440